Year 6

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 – a very special class! As the oldest children in the school, we undertake a wide variety of important roles and with this comes a strong sense of responsibility. We are proud to take on the positions of Head and Deputy Head Girl and Boy and Key Stage/ Early Years buddies. We also help with the running of the school by preparing for assemblies, break times, lunch times, organising fruit and milk, and our most challenging task, keeping certain staff members organised, tidy and on time…
In addition to our extra responsibilities, we have a very high workload as we strive to ensure we have a sound understanding of everything we have been taught over KS2 and prepare for the curriculum expectations in Secondary School. Although this can be very challenging, the sense of achievement as we move through the year is amazing and very rewarding.

We will be working hard to prepare for the our Key Stage 2 assessments and can’t overestimate the value of support at home.  Although we have now had two years of the new format, we are, as ever, expecting some changes and ‘improvements’ to the tests this year.  We will have a meeting nearer the time to discuss this, but as a guide to what we can expect, Michael Tidd, a deputy headteacher from Nottingham, has made a video to clarify what is likely to be happening in the summer term and you can find it here: KS2 assessments – what will they be like and how can I help?
We also have many exciting activities to look forward to with things that keep us focused right up until our last days in Primary School. This year we will have two residential trips to help support our learning, and make the last year in Primary School the best yet! These include a new trip in the Autumn term – a one night stop in Liverpool to find out more about our topics on the Titanic, Victorian Britain and Britain since the 1950s.  We will also be continuing our popular and successful outdoor adventurous residential to Hawse End.
However, above all these activities and expectations, we are proud role models for the rest of the school and want to help everyone have as good a time here as we have.

We have just started our YouTube channel as a way of sharing some of our work.  Our first video is linked to the first pieces of writing we did in Year 6 and helps introduce and show off our school.


Year 6 Staff


Mr T Watson - Year 6

Mr Watson provides support through the school support our children.  During the lunch time session he offers sports opportunities for our children in the Infants and Juniors.


Mrs G Gladwinfield, BA (Hons) - Year 6

I’ve worked at St Mary’s for the past ten years and have had the privilege of working in all key stages. I have a real love of reading, especially children’s books, and enjoy helping children of all ranges to enjoy and appreciate books themselves. Both my children attended St Mary’s and loved the experience. One […]


Mrs S Neale - Year 6

I trained in Exeter and then spent six years teaching in west London before moving to France (Strasbourg) for three years with my husband’s work. I have four children, the first two being born in France. We moved to Cumbria 18 years ago and all four of my children have been through QES and the […]


Mr D Bromley BA Ed (Hons) - Year 6

Having grown up in Kentmere and Ings, I recently returned to Cumbria following 10 years living and working in and around the Greater Manchester area.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed living ‘down south’, I am glad to be back and able to indulge in my outdoor hobbies such as cycling, walking and canoeing. I am married […]

Latest News


Michaelmas Concert

Well done to all of our children who took part in the school concert at the end of term. We had a wonderful array of instruments played by a large amount of children from Year 2 to Year 6.  Our choir also sang two songs with superb harmonies.  Congratulations to all involved.


Our collection, and ability, grows!

Just as we had hoped, the girls have managed to get their robot (Roxy…) up and running this week.  They have built the basic chassis and programmed the ‘brain’ to receive the correct inputs from the controller, ready for their first challenge next week. The competitive nature of the two teams can now be put […]



Jack and Daisy, our head boy and girl took part in the Remembrance service held at St Mary’s Church. Many thanks for their contribution to this very important service of remembrance.


We have movement!

There has been much excitement in the computing club this afternoon: the first of part of our first robot has completed its maiden journey.  The boys team (competition name to be confirmed!) have edged narrowly in to the lead by building the base unit, programming the ‘brain’ and the controller.  The girls team (competition name to […]


Light investigations

I can’t say we’ve all enjoyed it in Year 6, but some valuable lessons have been learned.  After an initial investigation to try and prove light travels in a straight line, we then worked on finding ways to change the path of light so that we could see around corners and over defensive barriers.  This […]


Year 6 Book List

We’ve had a lot of people asking about the best books for children to read in Year 5 and 6.  To try and find out, we have spent a bit of time scouring other schools, the wonders of the internet and our own thoughts to come up with a list.  I’ve attached 5 files that […]


Kings Food Bank – Harvest Delivery

Our children have helped fill a Volvo estate full of food kindly donated by our children as part of our Harvest giving.  We are really trying to express our value of responsibility in as many practical ways as possible. This year we wanted to provide a bumper delivery of food although we support throughout the food bank […]

john bercow

Speaker at the Pupil Pariament

Our Head Girl, Boy and Deputy Head Girl and Boy join their fellow school councillors from other schools at the Netherwood Hotel for this term’s Pupil Parliament.  Joining them was a very special visitor the Rt Hon John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons.  He answered the children’s questions and led a debate linked […]


Soggy cycling

We really do have a phenomenal bunch of Year 6 children! Even though they have had torrential rain, howling wind, closed roads and copious amounts of mud, they have all shown amazing perseverance and determination to succeed with their cycling.  They are now able to cycle confidently on the roads, showing a great awareness of […]

Drone 1

Attack of the Drones…

After an extensive pre-flight training programme, we had our first squadron outing of our programmable Parrot drones.  This week we focused on getting some hands on flying experience, seeing what the limitations of the drones are and thinking about what we might be able to use them for in the future.  The hall proved to […]

Reading List

london eye

Mystery on the London Eye
By Siobhan Dowd

Street child

Street Child
By Berlie Doherty


The Borrowers
By Mary Norton

Year 6 Calender Events

14th May - Year 6 SATS week

4th May - Governor Day

29th March - Easter Service

22nd March - Sports Relief

21st March - Spring Music Concert

Year 6 Curriculum

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