PTI Hub – Lead School

The PTI is an independent educational charity created by the Prince of Wales. It believes that all children, irrespective of background or ability, deserve a rich subject-based experience at school – both within and beyond the examination curriculum. It believes that young people’s opportunities in life are maximised by having inspiring teachers, who are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects. It allows teachers to rediscover their love of their subject through Various programmes, and by bringing passionate teachers together, it encourages school departments to make rigorous curriculum choices, promote teaching beyond the test, and enables schools to forge links with other like-minded schools and academic institutions.

PTI South Lakes Hub

PTI Primary Hubs exist to help increase collaboration between local schools, and strengthen subject teaching and subject leadership across the network.

We have worked with local schools to form a Hub to provide excellent training in the South Lakes. We meet three time a year to support our subject leaders develop their subjects to improve learning for all of our children. We work in partnership with 26 Schools to support curriculum leaders to form the South Lakes Hub.

2023 – 24 What is our focus this year?

We are providing training for History, Science and Art and Design with a theme of Thinking Globally, Acting Locally throughout the year.

History: (Nov) Local History – with Dr Sam Riches, Regional Heritage Centre, Mrs Vanessa Wright Davies, Ysgol Rhiwabon

Science: (Feb) Practical Enquiry in the Local Environment- with Dr Helen Clarke, University of Winchester and Sarah Coates, Field Studies Council

Art: (April) Found Resources in the Local Area – with Robert Sutcliffe OBE and Andy Featon.

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