Year 3

Year 3

The teachers in this class this year are Mrs Gates and Mrs Thomas. Year 3 is a very exciting year as the children make the transition from KS1 to KS2. They are encouraged to become more independent both in themselves and their learning. It is also the first year children start playing on the Junior playground with its massive slide, quiet reflection and adventure area.
We learn to play a recorder to a very good standard and read music – a life skill! Our topics are very varied and interesting ranging from the Rainforest, Romans, Coutries on the Meridian and much more. This is a busy year, but we have lots of fun on the way!

Year 3 Staff


Miss A Cadman - Year 3

I have worked in St Mary’s since 2013 – I started working here before I had even left Sixth Form! I work in Breakfast Club, After School Club, as a midday supervisor and in KS1 and KS2 I love dancing! I started at the age of three and have danced in Blackpool Winter Gardens, The Royal […]


Mrs A Day, BA (Hons) PGCE - Year 3

My name is Andrea Day. I have two children aged 17 and 21. Martha, my youngest, is at QES and currently helping at After School Club. Kim is at Newcastle University studying Heritage. After years of mothering, I am facing an ‘empty nest,’ so I am going to keep very busy with some gardening, home […]

Latest News


School Starting Date

Term will start on the Tuesday 4th September. We look forward to welcoming our pupils at the start of the new term on Tuesday morning.  


Pirates of the Curry Bean

The junior children have performed a superb production of ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ in the Harlequin theatre. What a fantastic end of the year for our Year 6 children and another opportunity to celebrate their talents with the other children. The show had various surprises and was an amazing combination of song, dance and […]

high jump

Inter School Athletics at Sedbergh Prep

What a wonderful day of athletic competition at Sedbergh Prep. Our school came second with over 27 first places. Well done to all of our athletics team.       

sports day

Sports Day

Well done to all of our children who took part in sports day this week. The weather was good and the children really demonstrated our school values today.


Mrs Gladwinfield has arrived in Kenya

Mrs Gladwinfield will be spending the next four weeks in Kenya. She will be working in a primary school near Gilgil along with Mrs Highton. They have already been working in the school with classes of 60 children many of whom walk 10Km to attend the school.


Penultimate Week of Summer 1!

It’s already only one more week until half term – where on earth is time going?! This week we’ve been enjoying as much of the weather as we can. Mrs Thomas has had us out planting in the garden as part of our science topic this term – we’ve planted beans in the Year 3 […]


Summer is here!

…well, it was until the weekend! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks back at school and have fully launched into our new topics now – Romans in History and Plants in Science! We’re really excited about our new topics this half term, and we can’t wait for the school trip – letters will be […]


Quick Sticks Hockey

Well done to our Year 3 and 4 teams who represented school in the local schools Hockey festival today. Congratulations to both teams and especially the Year 3 team who have got through to the next round.  


Science week is underway!

What a fantastic start to British Science Week! The whole school was ready and raring to go and explore and discover this morning – our costumes were AMAZING!   After an exiting assembly to get us going, we spent the day investigating gliders and flight – seeing who could make a paper helicopters stay in […]

noah initiative

Noah Initiative Visit

We are pleased to announce that we will have a visit from the founders of the Noah Initiative on March 13th to hear about the work they are doing in Kenya.  Mrs Neale recently went out to Kenya to visit the project and shared her experiences.

Reading List


Varjak Paw


Escape from Pompeii

fmd cover pic

The Firework Maker’s Daughter


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Rainforest Animals – Paul Hess poetry
By Paul Hess


Running Wild
By Michael Morpurgo

kapok tree

The Great Kapok Tree
By Lynne Cherry

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Year 3 Curriculum

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