Year 3

Year 3

The teachers in this class this year are Mrs Gates and Mrs Thomas. Year 3 is a very exciting year as the children make the transition from KS1 to KS2. They are encouraged to become more independent both in themselves and their learning. It is also the first year children start playing on the Junior playground with its massive slide, quiet reflection and adventure area.
We learn to play a recorder to a very good standard and read music – a life skill! Our topics are very varied and interesting ranging from the Rainforest, Romans, Coutries on the Meridian and much more. This is a busy year, but we have lots of fun on the way!

Year 3 Staff


Miss A Cadman - Year 3

I have worked in St Mary’s since 2013 – I started working here before I had even left Sixth Form! I work in Breakfast Club, After School Club, as a midday supervisor and in KS1 and KS2 I love dancing! I started at the age of three and have danced in Blackpool Winter Gardens, The Royal […]


Mrs A Day, BA (Hons) PGCE - Year 3

I have been teaching for over twenty years, many of them at St Mary’s. I love teaching here as it’s a very special school with great children and staff. I have taught in most classes in the school but in all of them I love to read stories and to watch the children’s eager faces, […]

Latest News


Year 3’s trip to Knowsley Safari Park

When Year 3 visited Knowsley Safari Park everyone commented on their excellent behaviour, good manners and in depth knowledge of the rainforest and the animals which live there. We had a lovely day exploring by foot and by coach. The sea lion show and the birds of prey display are a superb highlight. Many thanks […]

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New Club Starting Y3-6

We have announced the 20 children who have got a place at the new Fit for Sport club after school on Tuesdays after half term.


Comic Arts Festival – Kendal

Look at our superb art which will be on display at ‘Charlies’ cafe in Kendal for the Comic Arts Festival.  Well done Year 3 for a super entry.


French Day in Year 3

Everyone dressed in red white and blue. Joseph taught us how to count to 10. We learnt how to kiss each others cheeks and say, “Bonjour” or “Salute,ca va.” We studied Parisian fashion and performed for the school in our own fashion show. We ate croissants, grapes and French bread, washed down with a cheeky […]


Governors First Meeting

Our first Governors meeting took place recently beginning the year following a very successful year. The Governors have looked at our school Improvement Plan for the forthcoming year and are preparing for another productive year.


The children of the Yanamomo Tribe

We looked at images of the Yanamomo tribe in the Amazon Rainforest and decided to have a go ourselves with some face paints!!!


Home Projects in Year 3

The children produced a vast array of information for their Home Projects. We spent the whole morning finding out all about the animals of the rainforest, the dangerous and endangered species, the rainfall and lots of maps. There were posters, Power Point Presentations, books, leaflets and models. It was amazing! Thankyou everyone.


Home Learning Projects Day WOW!

From Year 1 coming into school as Superheroes, Year 2 designing transport and sharing their presentations, to culinary delights throughout the Juniors, the projects have been wonderful. In Year 6 we have seen Titanic models, films, and presentations. Year 5 have produced Egyptian wonders such as masks and pyramids.  Year 4 have travelled back into […]


Learning to play the recorder

Year 3 have begun to play the recorder. They are very enthusiastic! We have started with a ‘b.’  



  Congratulations to Freya and James who have become our new Head Boy and Head Girl. Congratulations to Beth and Marley who are now Deputy Head Girl and Boy also. All of the children who took part in the presentations were very confident, producing powerpoints, films and superb speeches. Well done!

Reading List


Varjak Paw


Escape from Pompeii

fmd cover pic

The Firework Maker’s Daughter


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Rainforest Animals – Paul Hess poetry
By Paul Hess


Running Wild
By Michael Morpurgo

kapok tree

The Great Kapok Tree
By Lynne Cherry

Year 3 Calender Events

16th November - Children in Need

7th November - Parents Evening

6th November - Parents Evening

Year 3 Curriculum

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