SATS / Yr 1 Phonics

There are various statutory assessments that take place in primary schools.  These take place in Year 1 (Phonics Screening), Year 2 SATs and in Year 6 SATs.


The Year 6, KS2 SATS, and Year 2, KS1 SATs, are taken in May.

Year 1 Phonics Assessments


In June, the Year 1 children will all be required to have their phonics knowledge assessed.  Through our daily Read Write Inc phonics sessions our children are well prepared to shine during this assessment.

Here’s a Parent Video to explain.

You may like to see examples of the assessments and support your child at home with sounds they need to learn.

The following video also highlights examples of previous children who have taken part in the assessments, highlighting the sounds and common errors.  Year 1 Video

Here’s a video to demonstrate how we say the sounds.

Here are the set 2 sounds.

Have a go at reading some of the alien words.  Alien words allow us to assess how well you know the sound.  If you can read the sound in an alien word, we know you can confidently read it in any simple word.

This may help in identifying sounds your child may find tricky and build confidence in the assessment.  The year 1 teachers will provide phonics resources used in school to help support your child to share their phonics learning at home.

Here are some resources to help:

Year 1 Phonics Practice

Here are some previous assessments:

Phonics 2014                Phonics 2012             Phonics 2013

Phonics screening mock test 1           Phonics screening mock test 2              Phonics screening mock test 3  Phonics screening mock test 4           Phonics screening mock test 5

Common Exceptions

By the end of Year 2, we expect the children to read and write the common exception words (words that are exceptions to the spelling rules/patterns).

Here they are:

Common Exceptions

It is important to learn common Exception Words which need learning by sight.