Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Green

Mrs Green works as a Teaching Assistant in Year 2 supporting pupils.

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mr O Fitzsimons

Mr Fitzsimons is a qualified Sports Coach and leads our Football Club and also works as a teaching assistant in different classes in school. Mr Fitzsimons trained at Lancaster and Morecambe College, has played football at Morecambe Academy and plays and coaches with Endmoor Football Club.    

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Fawcett

Mrs Fawcett works in Year 5 and brings a lot of experience working in local schools.


Mrs Z Dixon

Mrs Dixon is one of our Chefs in school.

Support Staff

Mrs Kath Bateson

Mrs Bateson supports our children at lunch time.

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Hoban

Mrs Hoban Supports our children in various classes throughout school.

Support Staff

Mrs R Metcalfe

Mrs Metcalfe supports our children at lunchtime.

School Administrator

Mrs L Newton

Mrs Newton is our School Administrator.

Resident Artist

Mr B Sutcliffe OBE

We are very fortunate that Mr Sutcliffe OBE is working with our children to support art throughout our school. Mr Sutcliffe joins our Art Classes to inspire and teach our children supporting our Scheme of Work throughout the school.

Reception Class Teacher

Miss J Broome BA (Hons) QTS MA

Miss Broome is our Y4 teacher along with Mrs Arnold and teaches in Reception Class.

Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs N Gaunt

Mrs Gaunt is our Y1 teacher and has joined school in Sept 2022. Mrs Gaunt has a lot of experience working in local schools and is Subject Lead for Science.