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St. Mary’s School has a very enthusiastic and supportive PTA who help to fund a whole range of resources to support your children in all areas of the curriculum.


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PTA Events

PTA Annual General Meeting
Friday 23rd September - 6 pm to 8 pm

Who is in the PTA

  • Chair – Marie Batty
  • Vice Chair –
  • Secretary –
  • Treasurer – Ashley Forrester-Day (Amelia’s Mum, Yr5)
  • Committee Members (Parents) –
  • Committee Members (Teachers) –  Dawn Winnard,
    Duncan Bromley
  • Committee Member – Governor Link – Clare Venys-Moran

Supporting The PTA

Each year, some PTA committee members leave when their child(ren)
progress to Secondary School.
To maintain a strong team we always need new people joining us but
that could be on the committee itself or on the PTA Helper list.

What’s involved as a PTA Committee member?

  • Very little time commitment – we only meet about 6 times a year and
    that’s usualy on a film/disco night
  • Help make decisions about how we spend the money raised
  • Suggest new fundraising ideas
  • Help at events when you can – no need to help at EVERY event.

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