Colour Monster – How do you feel today?

In Year 1, we use experiences or connections with stories to inspire our writing.  We’ve loved reading the Colour Monster story and we thought very maturely what made us feel all the different colours (emotions).

We are very keen to write.  We record lots of our news from the weekend and we’ve enjoyed writing detailed plans how we were going to catch the Evil Pea.  We also sent thank you letters to local farmers after discussing the harvest.  We like writing with a purpose in mind, following our interests or being inspired by a fabulous book!

In Year 1, we write sentences using describing words and words to make our sentences have more detail, for example, and, because and but.  We are trying to remember to use capital letters and full stops and experimenting with ! and ?

We learn lots of sounds to help us read and spell in phonics time and then we apply these to our writing.  We also have lots of resources around the classroom to help us, especially remembering to spell the tricky words we can’t decode.